Are you a Massage Expert?

Are you a professional therapist or Salon looking for a product range that you perosnally can use within your treatments to enhance grip, pressure and client experience? Then apply to order our professional sized products at a discounted price.

JemmaCo Beauty Care was established in 2015 by Jemma Cooper, a multi-award winning entrepreneur who has a background and BSc in complementary therapies. All products are hand and home made by Jemma herself made by the beach, with love. JemmaCo focuses on ingredients that can boost the immune system, restores the skin to its natural pH balance, and helps restore skin’s good bacteria. It is a great versatile product that can be used by professionals as a massage medium, at home as a body moisturiser, help soothe skin conditions such as eczema, or to help with everyday aches and pains due to its anti-inflammatory ingredients.

From a small opening order of £200 you can make your business stand out and offer personalised products for your massage treatments by offering the client an essence based on how they want to feel. Give your client quality and benefit their skin health whilst helping them physically mentally and emotionally. It has many great USPs like no preservatives, synthetic chemicals, artificial colours or fragrances and is free from nut and seed oil. It is safe to use on sensitive skins including eczema and psoriasis and is safe during pregnancy and only organic ingredients and 100% pure essential oils are used.


If you are a small business or a startup dont worry! At JemmaCo all professional therapists are entitled to 20% discount so prices starting from as little a £8 for 60g! A little goes a long way.


Our prices are great and our quality is even better!

Download our Professional Introduction Pack HERE


Our clients say:


“I am 49 and suffer with very dry skin, i have always used E45 cream or an oilatum after each shower or bath, with success, i have used JemmaCo and i absolutely love it, it’s lovely and thick and warms up when you rub it in with your hands to apply it to your legs, arms, chest, feet and hands i even used it for my lips, and the smell is like you have just been for a lovely refreshing sauna and you feel spotlessly clean.”

“I have been using the JemmaCo balm on my son’s eczema and it’s really helping! It was really sore and after one use it really calmed it down! Such good stuff! Alfie is only 6 years old – thank you!”

‘ I’ve been using on my skin at night when my spots flare up and it really does wonders for my skin, I love it”

If you have any questions or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Benefits of using a balm in comparison to oil

  • Less mess compared to oil for the Therapist
  • Can be used more sparingly
  • Gets warmer quicker – better to target concern areas quicker
  • Can be heated to a liquid state if preferred or used as a balm
  • Benefits for other areas of the body such as the feet and hands can get a better grip.
  • Benefits to the skin compared to standard carrier oils
  • Absorbed into the skin better so less mess on clothes/skin for clients
  • Beeswax layer allows ingredients to be absorbed to allow you to perform deeper tissue techniques easier
  • Leaves your client with a beautiful satin feel to their skin that is non-greasy

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