Calming Beeswax



Calming Beeswax Massage Balm

Our most luxury product of the healing range JemmaCo Calming Beeswax Relax with a beautiful floral aroma. Some of the most expensive oils on the market Pure Jasmine and Neroli essence leave you feeling totally enriched with relaxation. Soothing Clary Sage and Lavender are great anti inflammatory calming any angry over stimulated skin. This balm will help you drift off into a complete sense of overall body wellbeing.

We pride ourselves in our handmade products, each made with love and care.

Essential oils and benefits  

Jasmine 100% pure essential oil – Antiseptic, helps with scarring, eczema and dermatitis. Great for relaxing client and aiding in insomnia and depression.

Neroli  100% pure essential oil – Acts as an antiseptic and is very antibacterial, maintains moisture and oil balance on the skin, great as an emollient, and is a powerful anti-depressant.

Clary Sage 100% pure essential oil – Aids in depression, boosts self esteem, calms anxiety and nervousness, reduces inflammation & redness, & helps to heal rashes.

Lavender 100% pure essential oil – Aids in relaxation, helps with pain relief and general aches and pains. Great for blood circulation, very anti-bacterial and aids in treating insomnia

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