What is JemmaCo Mix and Match massage?

Over the last few years there has been a distinct increase in the amount of people looking for massage treatments in the UK. With research into it’s huge amount of benefits both physically and mentally more people are turning to salons and spas in search of deep relaxation and remedies.

We’ve discovered that these people are no longer just looking for the Swedish massage techniques that we learn from our local colleges but more advanced techniques that will help soothe their aches and pains.

That is why we created the JemmaCo Mix and Match Massage Treatment, the ultimate in personalised massage!

So what does it involve…

During booking your client has 3 choices:

– How they’d like to feel at the end of their treatment. ( Revived, Harmonised or Relaxed)

– How much time they’d like. (30mins – 90mins)

– A massage preference from each of the 4 components of the JemmaCo treatment.

(Aroma, Heat Treatment, Balance Treatment and Acupressure)

These options allow the client to completely tailor make their treatment to their preferences and gives regular massage clients the chance to try something different.

If you’re looking to expand both your knowledge and treatment menu you can now train in all of the techniques needed to provide the JemmaCo Mix and Match Massage Treatment by sitting our 5-day massage techniques course.

Click here for more info on the JemmaCo Courses and start growing your skills as well as your business!

JemmaCo Team


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