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June 2019

We have sent off for 3 new product to be tested! Yes not just one but three! We are really excited to be offering this product! Testing take 3 months! We will keep you informed on the new products but its really exciting times ahead!

Keep Posted! 

May 2019

Well what busy month for JemmaCo, we have been in Leeds, Cornwall and Bournemouth Training this month.

I offered the first Mix and Match refresher in Leeds and Bournemouth and it was a great day! It really helped the therapists to refresh on the skills learnt on the 4 day course. Its easy to get into bad habits and easy to forget some techniques and not always have the time to share with other therapists.

Thank you Jemma for the amazing massage workshop today,  I learnt so much!” form one of the students. I have had clients give better feedback also. 

Cornwall College Pregnancy Massage training was fantastic!

I have never had such a lovely group with 11 students I wasn’t sure how teaching was going to go but it was fantastic they all bounced off each other and everyone learnt loads. Cornwall College even managed to get 10 pregnant models on the second day which was a great experience.

March 2019

Well what a busy year it has been so far for us! Many orders and loads of training.

We are have been asked to partner with FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) and offer our training courses through them around the country. We are delighted to be able to offer courses in Cambridge, Manchester and Cornwall in 2019 on top of our main locations bournemouth, leeds and Birmingham.

We had a fabulous visit to Bath College in February. It was great to work with 20 students on our Mix your own Product Workshop. We had fantastic feedback and it was a great day. Bath College really do have fantastic facilities for their Complementary Therapy students, they have been said they are heading for an outing to Glastonbury Festival this year! No colleges I know would offer this to their students its GREAT!

Complementary Therapies Level 3

January 2019

Happy New Year!

We have a fab year in store for you, with new courses to launch and new products on the horizon!

We have been in the process for many months of making our very own massage candles! We are hoping to launch this product by May 2019! You can show you interested by contacting us on hello@jemmaco.com These candles are going to be natural organic and vegan with the added benefit of the scented wax being able to be used on your skin! We will keep you up to date on our progress! 

We have also been working on our very own online business courses. You will see this launching in Summer 2019 this is going to be really excited! They are individual courses that focus on different aspects of running your own business whether you are a salon owner, manager or a self employed therapist.

We hope you will be stay up to date on all of our changes in 2019 and we wish you best happiest and healthiest Year Yet! 


November 2018. Over the past 4 weeks we have been updated our website you will see a number of new features

  • Please check out our latest YouTube Video on why our Massage Balms are better than Massage Oils!

  • Therapist Finder Map: You can now search around the UK for your nearest therapists that offers JemmaCo treatments. The therapists listed are all JemmaCo trained some will only offer certain services, if you would like us to contact you with a local list of therapists then please do so below. CLICK HERE

  • We have now updated our training dates for 2019 you will be able to see all of our new dates. We have added some new courses for 2019 also. Our training courses are available on a one to one basis and we are more than happy to travel to you. Our training is for small groups only. if you have any questions about our training then please contact us below CLICK HERE

  • You will now see we have some great videos on our training courses.

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