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Our essential oils are 100% pure blends. They are each a blend of highly concentrated plant based essence.


  • x 1 10ml Harmony Essence
  • x 1 10ml Calming Essence
  • x1 10ml Revitalising Essence

  Directions of use:

–    Use the oils and blend with other oil base products for massage   (see description for blending) 

–    Mix the essence with distilled water in order to create a nice room spray  – You can burn the essential oils in a diffuser for a natural pure essence to create a better environment around your place of work

(Please read how to apply and work with these oils safely before use) 

Note: Oils are available individually to purchase for therapists/ for professionals only please fill out our PROFESSIONAL FORM

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Calming Essence contains: 

  • Jasmine 100% pure essential oil (JASMINUM OFFICINALE FLOWER OIL)  Antiseptic, helps with scarring, eczema and dermatitis. Great for relaxing client and aiding in insomnia, severe depression and eases childbirth. It can be used to help treat addiction. Jasmine oil tones dry, greasy, irritated and sensitive skin, increases elasticity and is often used to assist with stretch marks and to reduce scarring.
  • Neroli  100% pure essential oil (CITRUS AURANTIUM AMARA FLOWER OIL) – Acts as an antiseptic and antibacterial, maintains moisture and oil balance on the skin, great as an emollient, and is a powerful antidepressant. Aids chronic anxiety, depression, fear, shock and stress and its calming effect can also be beneficial to the digestive tract. calming heart palpitations, treating headaches, neuralgia and vertigo. It also may prevent scar tissue, promote a smoother skin, fighting stretch marks and broken capillaries.
  • Clary Sage 100% pure essential oil (SALVIA SCLAREA OIL) Aids in depression, boosts self esteem, calms anxiety and nervousness, reduces inflammation & redness, & helps to heal rashes. It can help hot flushes, night sweats, palpitations, irritability, as well as headaches and dizziness. It is good for muscle pains, digestive disorders, kidney diseases and the cooling of inflammation of the skin. It’s a good tonic for the womb and female functions in general, such as painful periods, scanty menstruation and relaxation during labor, thus encouraging a less painful birth.
  • Lavender 100% pure essential oil (LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA OIL) – Aids in relaxation, helps with pain relief and general aches and pains. Great for blood circulation, very anti-bacterial and aids in treating insomnia, depression, trauma, anxiety, nightmares, irritability, nervous tension. lavender oil tones and revitalizes and it is useful for all types of skin problems such as abscesses, acne, oily skin, boils, burns, sunburn, wounds, psoriasis, lice, insect bites, stings and also acts as an insect repellent. Lavender oil is one of the few essentials oils that can be used neat on the skin, and this is especially useful when treating a minor burn wound.

Harmony Essence Contains: 

  • Rosemary (ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS LEAF OIL) – Helps with headaches, migraines, mental fatigue and nervous exhaustion. Helps relieve pain associated with rheumatism, arthritis, muscular pain and gout. It also helps for arteriosclerosis, palpitations, poor circulation and varicose veins. The diuretic properties of rosemary oil are useful with reducing water retention during menstruation, and also with obesity and cellulite. Overall improving blood circulation and decongesting the skin. 
  • Peppermint (MENTHA ARVENSIS LEAF OIL)– Excellent for mental fatigue and depression, good for stimulation and improving concentration. It also helps with headaches, migraines, shock, nervous shock, vertigo, and faintness. It is used for dermatitis, acne, ringworm, scabies and also relieves itching and acts as a cooling agent for sunburn etc. Can help colic, cramps, nausea, rheumatism red, irritated and itchy, as well as other inflammatory conditions.
  • Marjoram (THYMUS MASTICHINA FLOWER OIL) – Helps with painful joints and muscles. Good relaxant properties. Useful for rheumatic pains as well as sprains, strains and spasms, as well as swollen joints and painful muscles. Physical exhaustion, fatigue, and headaches, sinusitis, anxiety, stress and grief.
  • Ylang Ylang (CANANGA ODORATA FLOWER OIL) – Sedative effect on the nervous system and helps with anxiety, physical exhaustion, tension and shock and fear.  It also balances the secretion of sebum helping oily and dry skin types.
  • Lemon (CITRUS MEDICA LIMONUM PEEL OIL) – Aids with infection, soothes headaches, migraines and muscular problems. Is helpful with rheumatism and arthritis. Helps depression, stress, lack of energy and fatigue.
  • Tea Tree  (MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA LEAF OIL)- Healing and stimulating properties antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, anti bacterial great to inhale for colds and chest infections. Great to apply to skin for healing benefits.

Revitalising Essence Contains

  • Orange Sweet (CITRUS SINENSIS) Helps to relax muscular and nervous spasms, provides relief from inflammation, boosts immunity and helps alleviate anxiety, anger and depression.  It balances water retention. Its lymphatic stimulant action further helps to balance water processes, detoxification, aiding the immune system and general well-being.
  • Spearmint (MENTHA SPICATA) – Promotes good blood circulation, helps concentration, relaxes nerves and muscles, helps with stress and headaches.
  • Eucalyptus (EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS) – Reduces inflammation, effective in lowering joint and muscle pain, promotes faster healing of sores, cuts and abrasions and stimulates mental activity and aids in treating stress. Helps frequent sneezing, hay fever, flu, respiratory problems, as an insect repellant, headaches and for helping to improve concentration and a soothing and calming effect on the whole body and helps with the immune system.
  • Cinnamon (LEAF OIL, CINNAMOMUM) – Provides relief from stiffness of muscles and joints, improves blood circulation,has a refreshing effect on your senses and feeling of weakness. It can aid bronchitis, diarrhea, chills, infections, flu, rheumatism and arthritis. 

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Essential Oil Safety

Essential oils can be dangerous if used incorrectly.
– Don’t eat or drink essential oils. Ingesting essential oils can lead to poisoning. Babies and young children are at increased risk because very small quantities can lead to toxicity in children.
-Some essential oils can also be harmful to pregnant women and their babies. Only use a 1% concentration in the first trimester and thereafter use at a 2% for the rest of the duration of your pregnancy. Common Oils to avoid camphor/ parsley seed/ hyssop/ pennyroyal/ tarragon/ wintergreen/ wormwood. For more information on this please email
-Do not use any of our essential oil products before being exposed to the sun as they can cause phototoxicity. The main photosensitising oils used in aromatherapy include: Angelica root oil (Angelica archangelica), Bergamot oil expressed (Citrus aurantium ssp. bergamia), Bitter Orange oil (Citrus aurantium), Cumin oil (Cuminum cyminum), Lemon oil cold pressed (Citrus limonum), Lime oil expressed (Citrus aurantifolia), Tagette oil (Tagetes minuta)

-Whilst using essential oils as Vapour don’t exceed 60 minutes as you will achieve no further benefit from the oil.
-Do not apply undiluted products directly onto the skin. Except in an emergency; for example to cuts, burns or insect bites. A single drop of undiluted oil can be used to soothe and protect from infection – only apply neat once or twice. We recommend using Harmony in this instance.
-Certain oils may cause irritation if used in too high a concentration. If you happen to be a highly sensitive person, try a skin patch test to determine any potential irritation before you use essential oils, and always dilute appropriately.

Here are the steps for conducting a patch test:
Wash your forearm with unscented soap.
Pat dry.
Rub a few drops of diluted essential oil into a small patch of your forearm.
Wait 24 hours.
If the skin patch is red, itchy, blistering or swollen, you have had an adverse reaction to the oil and should discontinue use. If you experience discomfort before the 24-hour period ends, immediately wash the area with soap and warm water.

-Dilution of essential oils require dilution to prevent adverse reactions. As a general rule, you should keep concentration levels of essential oils below 5 percent.

Examples; For every 100ml for fat base product (oil/ milk/ lotion/ massage balm) 1%= 18 drops , 2%=36 drops, 3%= 54 drops

Safe storage and use
-All of our blended essential oils have a shelf life of 30 months. Please be aware that once the bottle has been opened your product should be used within a 6 month period.
-Essential oils should be stored like any other potentially poisonous substance.
Keep out of reach and sight of children
Store in a cool dry place and keep out of direct sunlight
-Put away immediately after purchase or use
-Always keep them in the bottle they are sold in (never transfer to other containers, especially food or drink containers).


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