Revitalising BeesWax 250g


An uplifting and revitalising balm thats perfect for that skin that needs to be refreshed and energised. A unique blend of spearmint, stimulating eucalyptus and invigorating Orange sweet will help revitalise all your senses. When massaged into the body this product can really aid those tired and aching muscles and it has a beautiful warming effect of the skin from our cinnamon essential oil.

Directions of use:

–        Great for respiratory conditions

–        Our best sports massage balm, stimulating to ease muscle aches and pains

–       Great for headaches and massage a small amount into the temples for mental stimulation

Note: This product is also available in a professional size 1000ml  (this is for professionals only) please fill out our PROFESSIONAL FORM

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Organic Beeswax:  contains natural Vit A and helps to lock in moisture. Helps natural absorption of the product. Great for sores and nappy rash
Palm Oil: contains natural vit A and E . it helps to restore the skins natural fatty agents helping the skins immune system
Organic raw Honey:  contains vitamin B, iron, manganese, copper, potassium and calcium. Aids acne, enlarged pores. Great for eczema or sensitive skin.
Vit E:  It has a protecting action against UV radiation excellent anti inflammatory and healing properties and excellent moisturizer. The are strong anti oxidants protecting against free radicals
Prebiotics: helps the production of normal skin cells and bacteria.  friendly bacteria can recover and grow faster than the harmful bacteria
Witch-hazel: anti inflammatory and antiseptic good for acne, bruises healing rashes, aids swelling, irritation
Sweet Orange: Helps to relax muscular and nervous spasms, provides relief from inflammation, boosts immunity and helps alleviate anxiety, anger and depression.
Spearmint: Promotes good blood circulation, helps concentration, relaxes nerves and muscles, helps with stress and headaches.
Eucalyptus: Reduces inflammation, effective in lowering joint and muscle pain, promotes faster healing of sores, cuts and abrasions and stimulates mental activity and aids in treating stress.
Cinnamon: Provides relief from stiffness of muscles and joints, improves blood circulation, has a refreshing effect on your senses.

Additional information

Weight 250 g

1000ml professional


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