Generally a massage balm is of a thicker consistency, therefore more manageable and easier to use compared to a massage oil. Massage oils can be hard to grip during a massage or deep treatment, balm can be easily controlled helping in a more accurate treatment.tion
All of JemmaCo products are hand and home made, meaning no mass production takes place so we can ensure great quality in each and every product. The products are all 100% natural and have added benefits to the skin as well as leaving a layer of beeswax on the skin for the therapist/professional to work with without leaving the client feeling oily or sticky.
We have sourced the best essential oils suitable for this balm, which then comes with a price. Using expensive essential oils then adds to the cost of production compared to our other balms which reflects in its price.
Due to the products being natural, we do not add any preservatives to help its shelf life. Therefore we would recommend once opened to use the product within 6 months. All products have a best before date printed on the product itself.
There are many ways to use a massage balm, depending on what you are using it for. Professionals: Less is more. Start off with a small amount of balm, adding more as you go along if needed. This will help with grip through out the treatment. You can warm the balm up before use too or place it on your wrist to soften to gain heat before applying. You may need more than normal for clients with dry skin and for men. At home: You can use our balms as moisturisers, lip balms, hand and foot balms or in particular concern areas, depending on what balm you have (revitalising balm can be used on painful areas to soothe aches and pains, calming can be used on temples to help relax etc) however you wish to use it, apply a small amount of balm and loosen it up in your hands before applying to chosen area to help spread the product evenly. Can be used as often as you'd like.
Absolutely! If you are using one of our balms at home, we would recommend to only use it maximum 2 times a week due to its high amounts of pure essential oils.
We would recommend to only use our balms on children over 18months old.