Healing Beeswax Range


Our Healing beeswax range all contain 6 carefully chosen ingredients to leave your skin feeling moisturised and nourished. They all contain organic sustainable palm oil, vitamin E, organic honey and a natural prebiotic helping to boost our bodies largest organ the skin, strengthening our physical immunity of the skin.

Organic Beeswax: contains natural Vit A and helps to lock in moisture. Helps natural absorption of the product. Great for sores and nappy rash

Organic Sustainable Palm Oil: contains natural Vit A and E . it helps to restore the skins natural fatty agents helping the skins immune system. (This palm oil is stainable for WWE accepted.)

Organic raw Honey: contains vitamin B, iron, manganese, copper, potassium and calcium. Aids acne, enlarged pores. Great for eczema or sensitive skin.

Vit E: It has a protecting action against UV radiation excellent anti-inflammatory and healing properties and excellent moisturizer. The are strong antioxidants protecting against free radicals

Prebiotics: helps the production of normal skin cells and bacteria. friendly bacteria can recover and grow faster than the harmful bacteria

Witch-hazel: anti-inflammatory and antiseptic good for acne, bruises healing rashes, aids swelling, irritation

How to use   

You want to use the product sparingly, you really only need a little, its great for everyday body moisturising needs, you can also use on your face but again we would recommend just use a small amount. Some of our client love to use this product on their lips. A great mutli purpose product!

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Designed by Professionals for professionals

This product is also perfect to use during Massage Treatments. At JemmaCo we use this product with all our professional massage treatments. Its a great long lasting product, the feedback from our clients is just fab and its great to know you are putting a quality product into your client’s skins that have amazing benefits.

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