Signature Essence Range

Here at JemmaCo we wanted to be able to create a multi purpose product that can benefit and enhance any massage treatment. Our products are created for professionals to use in the massage industry but also they can be used by everyone wanting to bring a more natural chemical free environment into their home. The essences work alongside our massage balms.

Our range is small and we focus purely on top quality massage products with a multi-use function with no preservatives and no nut or seed oil. 

Its important to know that the essential oils we use are 100% pure to ensure you get the most benefit from the oils and you get high quality essential oils. Each essence is individually blended and is a little bottle of heaven. The smells are divine, while the benefits of the oils are endless. Below you will see the best ways to apply the oils and how the benefits of the oils can support medicines for everyday health issues. When the essential oils are used safely and right they can bring a real benefit of self healing and balance into your life.

preblended essential oils 100% pure massage oils


Because essential oils can carry a variety of scents, they are often used in:

  • Aromatherapy. They can be used with any base product. Milks, oils, balms, shampoos to then be able to apply to the skin.
  • Vapour using a diffuser to benefit from the inhalation of the product. They can be applied to your pillow or tissue or even clothing to help you with psychological benefits of the oils
  • Using the oils in the bath can have many benefits, the benefit of to oil on your skin and benefit of inhalation from the hot water a steam. (recommend mixing the oils with above base products first before putting into the bath)
  • Room fresheners. These essences can be mixed with distilled water to give a beautiful room essence. Some essential oils are also being used for cleaning purposes when mixed with distilled water and small amounts of alcohol.


  • Put a few drops on cleansing mitts to be able to leave clients skin’s smelling even better. Cleansing mitts are great for the feet hands or face
  • Mix the essence with distilled water in order to create a nice room spray. You can spray towels, pillows before a client lays down and you can spray over the face to leave the client feeling extra cared for during a treatment
  • You can burn the essential oils in diffuser for a natural pure essence to create a better environment around your place of work.
  • You can rub the oil into your hands and ask the client to do a deep inhalation if you prefer rather than a spray.
  • If the client has a lot of pain in one particular area for example neck pain. After massaging the area with oil you can apply essential oil to get a higher concentration on the skin to better help that area from the bene ts of the essences.

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Designed by Professionals for professionals

These product are perfect to use during Massage Treatments. At JemmaCo we use this product with all our professional massage treatments. Its a great long lasting product, the feedback from our clients is just fab and its great to know you are putting a quality product into your client’s skins that have amazing benefits.

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