Sustainable Palm Oil

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According to WWF the palm oil industry can still flourish without destroying rainforests or harming communities and endangered wildlife. In fact, solutions exist for the palm oil industry to lessen its impact on natural forests, wildlife and communities, without affecting profitability.

Clearing for oil palm plantations threatens some of the world’s greatest forests and endangered species (such as orang-utans), and puts forest-dwelling people at risk. But with better management practices, the palm oil industry could still provide economic and social benefits without threatening some of our most breathtaking natural treasures.

I personally cannot see a world without palm oil. Palm oil has so many health benefits, helping to restore the skin’s natural fatty acid and helping the immune system. Palm oil contains natural vitamin A and E which feed the skin and activate DNA cells – so helping your skin to look radiant.

There has been a lot of bad media on the topic, and  it’s important to re-educate people on the safe ways to use palm oil.

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