Product Making Workshop

Our newest Accredited course with FHT!

This is a fantastic course and essential to help to take therapists to the next level and to stand out from the rest.

Who is this course for? 

  • The course works perfectly alongside an aromatherapy course/ Complementary therapy course
  • Its great for a Colleges or Universities as covers a lot of the curriculum.
  • Massage therapists that want to enhance their treatment.
  • Salon owners that want to improve their treatments

What does the day cover? 

  • How to care for your skin holistically
  • How to make safe and healthy products
  • Testing your product
  • Legislation, regulations and labeling
  • Blending and mixing
  • Use of essential oils, safety and their properties
  • Formulation and making a spritz and lip balm

Course costs £120 pp, running from 9.30am-4.30pm

Please register your interest in this course HERE