JemmaCo Treatments


Using our unique massage products, JemmaCo has created its own signature treatment that includes many specific techniques, making sure you get the most out of your massage treatment..


Mix and Match Massage

Be in control of your perfect bespoke and tailored massage treatment with 3 easy steps. 

Step 1Choose how you want to feel at the end of your treatment?

  • revived
  • harmonised
  • relaxed

Step 2Choose up to 3 of the following options or allow our specialist therapists to select for you based on your needs.

Heat Hot Stones Warm Bamboo Heated Pads
Balance  Healing balance Chakra balance Sound balance
Acupressure Face Feet Not sure? Let our therapists tailor your treatment. 

Step 3Choose your time?

30 mins

45 mins

60 mins

90 mins


JemmaCo Detox Massage:

60 mins – £40

Using specific techniques and massage points, working on the whole body the back through to the stomach and the feet this treatment focuses on the bodies detox mechanisms. Easing many health conditions from stress to anxiety to ME, aches and pains and arthritis this is a treatment for everyone.

JemmaCo Pregnancy Massage:

60 mins – £40

A beautiful treatment that many mums-to-be have recommended. Working on the hips, the back, neck, shoulders and including acupressure in the feet, this treatment really leaves you feeling pampered. Relaxation helps you and the baby, your connection and bond in a peaceful environment. Perfect after 1st trimester.


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