Massage treatment is so important to health and well-being and should be a necessity and essential, not just a luxury.

Questions to ask yourself…

  • How much money do you spend on clothes a year?
  • How much money do you spend on food a year?
  • How much do you spend on medication or tablets a year, including paracetamol?
  • How much do you spend of socializing or alcohol a year?


How much money do you spend on looking after you?

My guess is no-one spends enough money on themselves. As a therapist I am so passionate about the benefits on massage. I personally have at least two hours of treatment each week. Even if I’m short for money, massage isn’t the thing that goes. Going out is.

Massage is for everyone. I see people of all ages – 16-85. Your body is carrying you every day, absorbs the stress, pain, anger and other emotions in our daily lives, and the stress can’t disappear on its own.

The World Health Organisation has estimated that 65% to 80% of the people in the world (which is roughly 3 billion) use holistic or complementary medicine as their main source of healthcare.

It’s good to see more people are looking to complementary therapies and medicines, I believe in taking control of your own health. There are a lot of research into the health benefits of massage, including muscular skeletal issues, stress and anxiety, and many more. We offer one of the only UK’s Mix and Match massage. The client is in charge, they choose what they want, so you can meet their needs and requirements based on your professional input. That makes successful treatment.

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JemmaCo Treatment Value

Personalized: this is the whole ethos of JemmaCo – tailor the treatment, you are in control – tailor the massage techniques and the products to your problems.

Pre-treatment: We always preform a detailed consultation before our treatments to really understand your needs.

Presence: Creating a beautiful environment with essences, helping you to feel at ease. Choose your essence for the room.

Practice: Our trained therapists are here to listen to your needs. Our practice is to not judge but to support emotionally and physically during your treatment. We understand you are paying for expertise and knowledge, so we provide as much knowledge as we can to support you during the treatment. We want your experience to be one to remember.

Procedure: There’s a procedure to follow to make sure each client have that experience with JemmaCo from when they walk through the door and to when they leave.

Pressure points: During your massage treatment we use specific points to help aid and balance your body, restoring it to optimal health.

Personal growth and continual development: It is important to continue to grow your skills and knowledge so this can then be passed on to the client. Our therapists understand the need to continue their development and attend to courses on regular bases to extend their knowledge.

Promise: We understand a therapist is only ever as good as their last treatment, so it’s important to know that we always try our best. If we say we will do something for the client, then it is our duty to fulfil that promise. But we don’t claim to cure.

Protection: It is important to understand that your energy and the client’s energy are combined during the treatment, and to finish every treatment by putting a ‘bubble of protection’ around the client and yourself and breaking the connection.

Post treatment: After care is essential for us to promote self-help and healthy living in all that you do, so you can hopefully benefit from the advice in everyday living.

Price: Our prices are reasonable and good value for money. We combine skills and treatment in one, that way you are benefiting from many different techniques.

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