What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is an alternative medical technique where pressure is applied to key healing points of the body using various techniques such as light touch, tapping, or simply holding the points, this is done with the aim to clear life energy blockages.

Life energy affects how you feel, think and breathe, if life energy becomes blocked a person can suffer various emotional imbalances and physical symptoms. With acupressure treatment the body’s life energy is able to rebalance and flow again.

Acupressure points lie along 12 major meridians (invisible channels), these flow vital energy and create a system of communication between the vital organs and the brain. It is when these are blocked people can experience tension headaches, stomach problems and pains.

How is Acupressure used in the JemmaCo Mix and Match Massage treatment?

For the JemmaCo Mix and Match Massage Treatment you choose between two different areas of acupressure points, Facial and Foot!

Facial Acupressure Benefits

– Relieves stress and tension

– Improves tone of facial muscles

– Lessens wrinkles

– Relieves congested areas



Foot Acupressure Benefits

– Relieves insomnia

– Aids stress and anxiety

– Aids hormonal changes in the body

– Helps against digestive problems


You can create your very own full body acupressure treatment by taking part in the 5-day JemmaCo training course where a number of techniques are covered. If you want to learn how you can provide this treatment to your clients click here to find out more!


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