Our Mission be small be proud! We are a small business that focuses on handmade massage products all of which are multi purpose and we specialise in a few selective massage training courses! We do it small but do it well! At JemmaCo we believe... that what you put on your skin is important. 60% of the ingredients you apply to your skin are absorbed into the bloodstream, make sure you are using products that are friendly to your body. We pride ourselves in our handmade products, each made with love and care.
Our products are available for professional Massage Therapists and for home use. The ingredients are the same, so you can benefit from that professional product at home – helping you to feel like you have had a professional massage.



Many people these days appear to have intolerances and allergies or an over reactive immune system. JemmaCo focuses of ingredients that can boost the immune system and help to restore the skin to its natural pH balance, and to restore good skin bacteria.

We don’t believe in exfoliants, we believe in restoring the skin and putting in more goodness, not stripping it away. We make sure all our oils are used with low poly-saturated fats, supporting the skin to be less likely to oxidise. This is why we avoid use nut or seed oils.



In order to make are products good for your immunity we pack our products with good bacteria/ good skin flora that can be stripped by chemicals, cleaning products, clothing deterrents, many toxins on a daily basis.

By using loads of prebiotics in our products this helps to balance and restore your skin protecting your skin against toxins. 



Each product its freshly made to order. Each product is handmade and made with love. We make sure that we use sustainable ingredients 

We do use Palm oil in our Massage Balm Range as its one of the only good ingredients that doesn't contain nut or seed oil. Palm oil has such bad media but it does contain fantastic properties. Palm oil has so many health benefits, helping to restore the skin’s natural fatty acid and helping the immune system. Palm oil contains natural vitamin A and E which feed the skin and activate DNA cells – so helping your skin to look radiant.

According to WWF the palm oil industry can still flourish without destroying rainforests or harming communities and endangered wildlife. In fact, solutions exist for the palm oil industry to lessen its impact on natural forests, wildlife and communities

But with better management practices, the palm oil industry could still provide economic and social benefits without threatening some of our most breathtaking natural treasures. This is why we make sure we only use Organic Sustainable Palm Oil. We understand that many way wish to use other products but this is why we want to be transparent from the start. We create our Vegan balm with this is mind. Its a fantastic product by far our favourite. 



Since 2020 we launched a new way of working including our packaging. Although our packaging has always been recyclable, we have introduced our Re-fill System. 

Our glass jars are fully recyclable. All of our labels are recyclable. We opt for glass jars as we feel they are easy to up-cycle and reuse and we feel they last longer than PET plastics. 

All our delivery packaging is recyclable from the boxes to protective paper and our gift boxes that present our products. We use Fully recyclable FSC (Forest Sustainability Certified) certified virgin box board. 

When making our products we recycle everything we can. We use eco friendly materials to support the making process. From reusable kitchen towels and tea towels, glass becker mixing bowls, metal instruments for mixing and biodegradable gloves. We really try to have as little waste as possible as we do really care about trying to make a difference. We’re always on the lookout for new ways in which we can reuse or up-cycle our used product packaging!

 We encourage our customers to recycle everything they can. 

Our Refill system. You will see on our shop that you now have the option to buy refills. All of our product refills are sold in White disposable kraft tubs. These tubs are fully compostable and biodegradable. This packaging is only temporary and needs to be transferred into our glass jars. There is limited packaging and labels with our refill system to make sure we are helping our planet as much as possible. 

Note: Refill tubs are temporary due to the kraft paper over time leaking. We advise you to totally empty out the glass jar and wash it out with soapy water, wait until it is fully dry and then use the refill.


We buy Organic Ingredients where possible and buy from registered fair trade and sustainable suppliers. 80% of our ingredients are organic. Each ingredient is checked by us and have the necessary certification from our suppliers.

We make sure none of our products have water in them to make sure we have no need to add any preservatives 

Some of our products have a low shelve life for this reason. But we all of our products being made fresh to order, you still have loads of time to enjoy the products goodness. 

The essential oils we use are all 100% pure essential oils from good quality suppliers.

All of our products undergo strict and extensive testing to ensure each product complies with EU regulations. 



All of our products are both cruelty-free. Which means that no animals are harmed at any stage of our business.

We have now introduced our very own vegan balm, we have left this product unscented so it can work for anyone. Therapists with an aromatherapy background can add the essence that best suits them or their clients.