Welcome to my brand JemmaCo. Complementary therapies is my passion and allows me to help people in a holistic way which is very important in my life ethos. I specialise in massage treatments, incorporating all my different skills and knowledge into a personalised blissful treatment.


I wanted to create a product range that is efficient and effective for the therapist and beneficial for the client (In my career I see many brands that are too complicated and complexed)


My focus is having a small range where each product has a multi purpose use. By keeping my brand small I am able to take care in making each product from scratch to make sure love care and time is put into each jar! I am self-taught.


I have had some amazing results in my career and decided now is the time to share my skills with others. Alongside the products that I can sell, I have devised specific treatments based on my own research and findings to teach other therapists and help them to achieve a truly tailored treatment for their clients.



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