Using our unique massage products, JemmaCo has created its own signature treatment that includes many specific techniques, making sure you get the most out of your massage treatment..


Our Therapist Match Service 

 After booking you will be asked to complete a online consultation followed by a phone call so we can really understand your needs. You will then be matched with a therapist that best suits your needs. All therapists are JemmaCo representative, meaning they are fully trained by Jemma in all of our signature treatments. 


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Our Treatment Values: 

Personalized: this is the whole ethos of JemmaCo – tailor the treatment, you are in control – tailor the massage techniques and the products to your problems.

Pre-treatment: We always preform a detailed consultation before our treatments to really understand your needs.

Presence: Creating a beautiful environment with essences, helping you to feel at ease. Choose your essence for the room.

Practice: Our trained therapists are here to listen to your needs. Our practice is to not judge but to support emotionally and physically during your treatment. We understand you are paying for expertise and knowledge, so we provide as much knowledge as we can to support you during the treatment. We want your experience to be one to remember.

Procedure: There’s a procedure to follow to make sure each client have that experience with JemmaCo from when they walk through the door and to when they leave.

Pressure points: During your massage treatment we use specific points to help aid and balance your body, restoring it to optimal health.

Personal growth and continual development: It is important to continue to grow your skills and knowledge so this can then be passed on to the client. Our therapists understand the need to continue their development and attend to courses on regular bases to extend their knowledge.

Promise: We understand a therapist is only ever as good as their last treatment, so it’s important to know that we always try our best. If we say we will do something for the client, then it is our duty to fulfil that promise. But we don’t claim to cure.

Protection: It is important to understand that your energy and the client’s energy are combined during the treatment, and to finish every treatment by putting a ‘bubble of protection’ around the client and yourself and breaking the connection.

Post treatment: After care is essential for us to promote self-help and healthy living in all that you do, so you can hopefully benefit from the advice in everyday living.

Price: Our prices are reasonable and good value for money. We combine skills and treatment in one, that way you are benefiting from many different techniques.


Our Signature Treatments 
Mix and Match Massage
Be in control of your perfect bespoke and tailored massage treatment with 3 easy steps. 

Step 1Choose how you want to feel at the end of your treatment?

  • revived
  • harmonised
  • relaxed

Step 2Choose up to 3 of the following options or allow our specialist therapists to select for you based on your needs.

Heat Hot Stones Warm Bamboo Heated Pads
Balance  Healing balance Chakra balance Sound balance
Acupressure Face Feet Not sure? Let our therapists tailor your treatment. 

Step 3Choose your time?

30 mins       £30      

45 mins       £40

60 mins       £50

90 mins       £60

For a Mix and Match Massage 

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JemmaCo Detox Massage:  

60 mins – £55

Using specific techniques and massage points, working on the legs, back stomach neck and feet, this treatment focuses on the bodies detox mechanisms. Easing many health conditions from stress to anxiety to ME, aches and pains and arthritis this is a treatment for everyone.

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JemmaCo Pregnancy Massage: 

60 mins – £55

Working on the hips, the back, neck, shoulders and including acupressure in the feet, This treatment really leaves you feeling pampered. Relaxation helps you and the baby, your connection and bond in a peaceful environment. Treatments suitable Pre Conception, 1st Trimester, 12-40 weeks and post pregnancy.

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JemmaCo AquaFlow Massage: 

60 mins – £55

Working on the back, legs, neck, shoulders, arms and feet. Performed on warm water cushions allowing your muscles to fully relax. This is a gentle relaxing treatment. It is performed face up giving you the sensation of floating on water.

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JemmaCo Deep Tissue Massage: 

60 mins – £50

A combination of deep tissue and hand free massage. This treatment uses specific techniques to aid specific conditions for example lower back, knee, shoulder, hip, neck conditions. You can include Deep tissue as part of your Mix and Match Massage

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New for 2024:  Advanced Acupressure Full Body Massage 

70 mins – £55

Working within the scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Meridian Therapy. This treatment focuses on using finger pressure to support key meridian points that aid the bodies Muscular Skeletal System as well as moving Qi and stagnation throughout the Body. This treatment covers the back of legs, back, fronts of legs shoulders and neck. It's a really relaxing treatment and perfect for clients that want the benefits of Acupuncture but don't like needles.

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Booking terms and conditions 

  • Advanced booking is highly recommended. Payments details will be taken at booking but you will not be charged until after your booking.
  • Deposits may be taken at the discretion of JemmaCo Limited
  • Cards, BACs, cash and in date Gift Vouchers. We do not accept cheques.
  • We require 48 hours notice for changes or cancellations for all treatments. You will be charge 30% to cancel within this 48 hour policy and 50% if you do not show.
  • If occurring more than 3 times you may be refused future treatment.