Jemma is a multi-award winning young female entrepreneur. Jemma loves to inspire and help people through the multiple enterprise initiatives she remains involved with.
Jemma has been in the industry over 10 years since the age of 20 after studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Jemma then went on to building her own  Beauty Salon at the age of 23 and has turned a once failing project into a thriving and successful venture which was sold in 2018.


  • Jemma is also a registered provided/trainer of FHT certificated courses
  • Jemma has an education and Learning Level 3 certificate to make sure you are getting the best training and support for your business. 
  • Has a BSc (Hon's) Degree in Complementary Therapies,
  • Founder and Campaign Manager of Feel Fab UK
  • Founder HI Therapies Limited
  • Founder & MD of JemmaCo

  We work with with therapists, Salons, Spas, colleges and universities all over the UK. We work in a number of ways 

  • Salons, spas and therapists use our products in their massage/beauty treatments and receive a discount
  • Salons spas and therapists with a professional account stock and resell our products to their clients
  • We provide training for Salons and Spas including in-house and personalised training 
  • We offer our training courses in Colleges and Universities around the UK
  • We train therapists around the UK in our signature treatments 
  • We offer a therapist community programme is designed to support therapists with training, business and clients. They can benefit from discounted products also. 


Work With Our Products


Are you a professional therapist or Salon looking for a product range that you personally can use within your treatments to enhance grip, pressure and client experience? Then apply to order our professional sized products at a discounted price.



Reseller Professional

This is aimed at therapists that wish to use our products for their own use in their treatments and benefit from some great discounts. Receive up for 20% discount on all orders.  

Become an account holder by spending a minimum of £200 on your first order. You will then receive up to 40% discount on ALL future orders. 
By opening an account we give you the rights to resell our products.
Receive discount HERE  Open an account HERE





 “ She always has people’s best interest at heart. Jemma is an amazing entrepreneur, she takes risks and really commits to her projects. She always has people’s best interests at heart and will go out of her way to help others. She is a very motivated person and innovative, she builds relationships with people and connects the right people with each other. ” Jo Huey