About Us

Our Massage Balm Range was the first of our JemmaCo Products. The benefits of massage balm are endless. You want to use our product sparingly, you really only need a little, they are great for everyday body moisturising needs. They can also use on your face. Some of our client love to use this product on their lips. A great multi purpose product!

I suffer with very dry skin, i have always used E45 cream or an Oilatuml after each shower or bath, with success, i have used JemmaCo and i absolutely love it its lovely and thick and warms up when you rub it in with your hands to apply it to your legs, arms, chest, feet and hands i even used it for my lips, and the smell is like you have just been for a lovely refreshing sauna and you feel spotlessly clean.

Claire aged 49

Handmade and Homemade Products Made with Love

Our products are supported and used by bodywork professional therapists, colleges, salons and spas across the UK and Ireland of which an exclusive number of these offer our signature massage treatments. Our products are available for professional Massage Therapists and for home use. The ingredients are the same, so you can benefit from that professional product at home – helping you to feel like you have had a professional massage.

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  • Our Mission

    Our Mission be small be proud! We are a small business that focuses on handmade massage products all of which are multi purpose and we specialise in a few selective massage training courses

    Our Story

    My passion for helping people comes from an early age. Complementary therapies are my passion and allows me to help people in a holistic way which is very important to myself and life ethos.

  • Community Values

    Feel Fab UK founded in 2016 is JemmaCo’s own personal campaign to support the next generation of therapists to feel fab within. We help others in need to feel pampered whilst going to local schools and colleges to offer feel fab workshops to students to help them understand there true inner beauty and worth.

    Signature Treatments

    Using our unique massage products, JemmaCo has created its own signature treatment that includes many specific techniques, making sure you get the most out of your massage treatment. We have therapists around the Uk Trained in our signature treatments. Check out our FIND A THERAPIST PAGE


Our Team

Jemma Cooper
CEO of JemmaCo
Judtih Thompson
Head of Product Production
Maria Dutton
JemmaCo Representative for Treatments