Why use Balm Over Massage Oil

Dec 01 , 2019

Why use Balm Over Massage Oil

Benefits of using a balm in comparison to oil
  • Less mess compared to oil for the Therapist
  • Can be used more sparingly
  • Gets warmer quicker – better to target concern areas quicker
  • Can be heated to a liquid state if preferred or used as a balm
  • Benefits for other areas of the body such as the feet and hands can get a better grip.
  • Benefits to the skin compared to standard carrier oils
  • Absorbed into the skin better so less mess on clothes/skin for clients
  • Beeswax layer allows ingredients to be absorbed to allow you to perform deeper tissue techniques easier
  • Leaves your client with a beautiful satin feel to their skin that is non-greasy
What therapists say:

Jemmas products are incredible to work with and I would never use any other massage product again.  Rachel Bourne Salon Owner

I loved using JemmaCo massage balms with their aromatherapy benefits (and no spillage - hurrah!)  I have a new passion for massage treatments! Thank you Jemma xx P.S. Cannot wait for new products! Rebecca Trim Salon Owner 


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