2020 Updates: Our New Refill System

Apr 25 , 2020

2020 Updates: Our New Refill System

What to expect from 2020
  • new packaging, we are making our products more eco friendly with recyclable labels and refill pots instead of plastic
  • We will be launching a Vegan Balm in the Spring of 2020, which we are so excited about.
  • More training videos online
  • A new location for making our products
Here are a few pics from the recent course at Bath College; How to make you own product Find out more about this course HERE 


Our New Refill System 

Since 2020 we launched a new way of working including our packaging. Although our packaging has always been recyclable, we have introduced our Re-fill System. 

Our NEW glass jars are fully recyclable. All of our labels are recyclable. We opt for glass jars as we feel they are easy to up-cycle and reuse and we feel they last longer than PET plastics. 

All our delivery packaging is recyclable from the boxes to protective paper and our gift boxes that present our products. We use Fully recyclable FSC (Forest Sustainability Certified) certified virgin box board. 

When making our products we recycle everything we can. We use eco friendly materials to support the making process. From reusable kitchen towels and tea towels, glass becker mixing bowls, metal instruments for mixing and biodegradable gloves. We really try to have as little waste as possible as we do really care about trying to make a difference. We’re always on the lookout for new ways in which we can reuse or up-cycle our used product packaging!

 We encourage our customers to recycle everything they can. 

Our Refill system. You will see on our shop that you now have the option to buy refills. All of our product refills are sold in White disposable kraft tubs. These tubs are fully compostable and biodegradable. This packaging is only temporary and needs to be transferred into our glass jars. There is limited packaging and labels with our refill system to make sure we are helping our planet as much as possible. 

Note: Refill tubs are temporary due to the kraft paper over time leaking. We advise you to totally empty out the glass jar and wash it out with soapy water, wait until it is fully dry and then use the refill.

Read more about our Eco Friendly Values HERE

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